Maintain Your Drain

Like with most home maintenance, taking care of your drains is important to help prevent future problems. Sometimes there could be an issue below the sink that you can’t even see. By the time you realize there’s a problem, it could be too late. You can avoid issues and expensive repairs by practicing routine maintenance, and prevent putting money go down the drain.


The most obvious evidence of issues with your drains or pipes is a clog. Here’s a quick list of items that you should keep from going down any drain.

  • Hair
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Soap Scum
  • Cooking grease

Even if you have a garbage disposal, any of these items could clog up your drain. Some could even damage your garbage disposal. In the bathroom, keep hair and soap scum out of sinks and tubs. You can get a shower drain protector online for $10 or less. Keeping those drains clear will make a big difference in preventing clogs.


The first and most obvious way to identify a clog is a slow drain. If water is draining at a slower than normal speed, you probably have a clogged drain. It’s easy to tell just by looking. Another way to spot, or should we say “smell,” a problem is a bad odor coming from your kitchen or bathroom drain. That indicates that food or other debris is stopped up, rotting, and stinking up the place! Finally, if you hear gurgling from your drains, or your toilet is backing up instead of flushing, you know you’ve got a problem.


If your drain performance is going down the tubes, give The Darville Company a call. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with all your plumbing needs. Call us today at 432-580-9675 or schedule an appointment online. Darville is the Higher Standard.

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