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You’re enjoying a hot shower at the end of the day. You turn off the water and notice you’re still standing in water. It’s not exactly flooded, but it’s definitely draining slowly. A few minutes later you check again, and the water is gone, but you know there’s a problem. Dirt, soap, hair, and other debris will accumulate over time and cause your drain to clog. In this post, we’ll talk about what it takes to clean your shower drain.


  • All-purpose spray cleaner (you can also try old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda!)
  • Paper towels (to clean up)
  • Screwdriver (to remove the drain cover)


30-minute showers may “waste” water, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The shower waste area is just below the surface and can catch debris that gets past the drain cover. This makes it very easy to clean. Just remove the cover and see what you can scrape out. There’s a good chance you’ll find a hairball at the top. Be prepared for a bad smell, but the good news is that you’re doing effective cleanup.

Use your all-purpose cleaner to spray the interior of your shower and down the drain, as well. This will help break up debris and hard water build-up that is blocking your pipes. You should also be able to reach the water trap that’s just inside. This can also be removed and cleaned.

**Pro tip: while you’re cleaning out the drain, let the drain cover soak in vinegar. This will loosen any build-up and make it easier to clean.

When you finish, put everything back, and screw the drain cover back onto the shower floor.


If you still have standing water or slow drainage, don’t worry – but it might be time to call a pro. At The Darville Company, we have a variety of professional tools that can diagnose the problem and get your drain draining again. Soap scum and other debris can harden well below the surface, where you won’t be able to reach. Whatever you do, don’t wait! A clog can intensify over time, only making things more difficult and expensive when repairs become necessary.


To make an appointment for a clogged shower drain or any other plumbing and HVAC needs, call The Darville Company today at 432-580-9675. Darville is the Higher Standard.

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