When To Replace Plumbing

Like all home improvement projects, major plumbing work costs time and money. At the Darville Company, we know how valuable these things are to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what work is necessary, especially if you’re considering a major overhaul like replacing your plumbing system. An all-new system can be a large investment, but it could save you from major damage should something go wrong.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the things to look for when making the decision to replace plumbing.


Depending on the age of your home, different materials may be used in the plumbing piping throughout your home. If you’re not sure what kind of pipes are used, you can always find out by looking at the inspection report from when you first purchased the home. Each type of pipe has a lifespan:

Copper – 50+ years

Brass – 40-45 years

Cast Iron – 75-100 years

Galvanized Steel – 20-50 years

PVC Piping – indefinitely!

Even if your home’s age doesn’t come close to the lifespan of some of the pipes, you still have to consider things like pipe joints and fittings, as well as mechanical components. Compromised pipes can lead to leaks – or worse.


If you notice your pipes cracking or leaking, that’s an obvious warning sign. Corrosion around fixtures is also a red flag. Other signs: wet baseboards, water behind the toilet or sink, damaged flooring, or rust-colored corrosion.

Low water pressure can be the result of multiple problems. A rattling sound from your sink, combined with low water pressure can be a sign of blockage in pipes that may indicate the need for repair.


Blocked pipes or faulty fixtures don’t require full replacement. Generally, a major repair is one where walls need to be removed in order to access the problem areas. This is why some homeowners invest in new plumbing at the same time that they refurbish their kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re considering replacement or repairs, The Darville Company can help. Call us today at 432-580-9675 or schedule an appointment online. The Darville Company is The Higher Standard.

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