clean and dirty air filters

The Problem With Neglected Air Filters

It seems simple but we just can’t seem to say it enough: changing your air filters is absolutely critical for your household. It keeps your air cleaner and saves you money at the same time. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the details of why it’s so important.


The primary purpose of your HVAC system is to remove dirty air from your home and replace it with clean air (at your preferred temperature). Air filters operate at the point that the old air is pulled from the living space in your home. The filter is a selectively permeable membrane (one of our favorite terms from high school science). That means that some things get through and others don’t. The clean air gets through the filter, is treated, and is recycled through the system. 

What doesn’t (or shouldn’t) get through the filter is the bad stuff. That means particles, bacteria, dust, pet dander, etc. The things that dirty the air and can negatively impact your health.


Take a look at the filter on the left in our featured image. Doesn’t look very healthy, does it? This is an actual photo of a filter that Darville technicians removed from a heating and cooling system last month. As you can see, the old filter looks disgusting.

As your filter ages, all those old particles start to clog up. The clogged filter restricts airflow and keeps the bad air in your home. It also makes your HVAC unit work harder to not only pump air but also maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.


Replacing filters every month is a win-win. It keeps you healthier by keeping your air clean, and also keeps your wallet fuller by reducing the stress on your HVAC unit.


It’s a good time to get that heating system cleaned and checked before cooler weather starts setting in. The Darville Company offers a variety of services, including our classic Clean and Test to make sure your Heating and Cooling unit stays running strong through the chilly days ahead. If you find a filter that needs replacement, we’ll take care of it. Call us to make an appointment at 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is The Higher Standard.

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