5 Simple Plumbing Tips to Follow When Selling Your Home

Any realtor will tell you that plumbing is probably the most important part of the infrastructure of the home. That’s why prospective buyers are sure to ask about it, and home inspectors are sure to check it. In this post, we’ll discuss a few things you can do to your plumbing to increase the value of your home. Not only will they make your home more functional, but it’s also a chance to update the look and decor of your home, raising its value even more!


These days, a home filtration system is a huge bonus for home sellers. We don’t just mean a water filter on your fridge, we mean a whole home water solution. This means either a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system, a water softener, or both! Here in West Texas, where our water is extra hard, having both is a great idea. It will make your water cleaner at every faucet in your house. Compared to an expensive remodel, this could be a very practical upgrade that will make an immediate impact!


Here’s the thing about bathroom remodels – more isn’t necessarily better. Even a minor update could make a big difference when it comes to a home’s sale price. This could be as simple as new showerheads or faucets! They just make the whole room seem refreshed and newer. Replacing an aging vanity can be a good idea, too.


What we just said about bathrooms is also true in the kitchen. Minor updates go a long way. Swap out the sink for something new. It’ll help your home sell faster – and for more money.


If you know of any nagging plumbing issues – get them fixed. Don’t hope the buyer or realtor, or the inspector won’t find them. They will, and they will want those things fixed, so save yourself the headache and get it done now. Minor fixes to a running toilet or leaky faucet will put your home in good working order and have it ready to sell!


Little plumbing add-ons are a good idea too. Do you have space for a utility sink? How about an exterior sink in the backyard? Things like that seem like a luxury, and they are. But the relative cost will help you make the sale!


Whether you’re selling your home, or just want to upgrade for your own enjoyment, The Darville Company has experts that can help you. Make an appointment today by calling 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard.

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