Equipment Spotlight: American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Here at The Darville Company, we are the Higher Standard. We take pride in America, so we’re proud to offer the very best American-made products. One of the best examples of this is our long-running partnership with American Standard. Darville offers a full complement of American Standard products, including:

  • air conditioners
  • air handlers
  • coils
  • furnaces
  • heat pumps
  • packaged systems
  • ductless systems and mini-splits
  • thermostat controls
  • air quality products
  • zoning products

Also, each product includes competitive warranty options.


American Standard is a quintessential American company. Hard work, quality products, and good service have made American Standard a staple in homes and businesses for 90 years. Their focus on energy efficiency and total home comfort falls right in line with the expectations we have for product performance.


One of the premier products that we offer is American Standard air conditioners. They are designed to not only keep you cool, but to save you money while doing it. Whether you’d like the most efficient, quietest, or highest-value unit, we can find the one that is best for you. Among these options is the new AccuComfort series of air conditioners. 

The AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 20 consistently adjusts not only for temperature, but to make sure your unit isn’t overworking. This keeps you comfortable and saves you money at the same time. 

If noise is a problem, try the AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 18. The system runs efficiently like the Platinum 20, but with the quietest operation noise compared to any competitor unit.

Or maybe it’s value you’re looking for. American Standard’s Silver 14 Air Conditioner could be the perfect fit. It’s quiet and efficient, all at an affordable price. If you are interested in any of American Standard’s HVAC systems, call Darville today at 432-580-9675 or reach out through our Contact Form! Darville. The Higher Standard.

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