A/C Being Checked

When Is It Time to Get Your A/C Checked?

Here in the Permian Basin, we’re used to seeing hot temperatures ALL. SUMMER. LONG. 2019 has been no different. It was at or above (sometimes way above) 90 virtually every day. If you’re like us, you rely on air conditioning to keep you cool all summer long. But the fall is finally here! If it’s been running strong, do you even need to get your A/C checked? Here are some tips so you’ll know.

How Often Should I Have My A/C Unit Checked?

It’s generally recommended that you get your whole system checked at least once a year, but once in the Spring and once in the Fall is optimal. For starters, an expert inspection will catch things that a regular homeowner might miss. For example, a small leak anywhere in your system might not cause any discomfort now, but if it’s not caught and fixed soon, it could become a major, and potentially expensive, problem. Things like a clog in your drain line won’t impact your cooling but could cause problems in your attic if not addressed in a timely manner.

What Does The Inspection Include?

Some of the things you can expect from an inspection for the Fall include: 

Replace standard filter or wash air cleaner, inspect & adjust all belts & pulleys, inspect heat exchanger, flue assemblies, burners & draft diverters in season as necessary, electronically test for poisonous, deadly carbon monoxide gas in the heating season, check operation of electric heat strips & fuse links, test and check operating temperatures, clean the pilot assembly & test flame, test for gas leaks at furnace connections, ensure your unit is in good working condition.

What’s The Benefit?

A regular inspection can determine and boost the general efficiency of your unit. Even if it’s just a tune-up, the increased efficiency will help your unit run more smoothly, and could easily save you $100 or more in energy costs over the course of a year.

The Darville Company has been serving Odessa, Midland, and the entire Permian Basin for over 70 years. Call us today at (432) 580-9675 to schedule your HVAC inspection. You’ll be glad you did. The Darville Company is The Higher Standard.

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