Earthquakes and Your Plumbing

Earthquakes and Your Plumbing

A new trend in West Texas could be shaking your foundations, literally! Earthquakes have become common in the Odessa and Midland area, and if you haven’t felt one yet, you likely will soon. While the quakes around here haven’t been as destructive as some in other parts of the world, there is always the possibility of damage that you can’t even see. In this post, we’ll discuss potential problems that an earthquake could cause for your home’s plumbing and ways you can spot it.


If you’re close enough to the epicenter of an earthquake, even if it’s relatively small on the Richter scale, the main risk of plumbing damage is to your pipes. Anytime there’s damage to your foundation, as in an earthquake, there’s a potential for damage to your plumbing. This can include cracks or loosened joints for a gas line, main water line, or your sewer line. Over time, this can lead to gas leaks, water leaks, and potentially even flooding. 

Earthquakes can cause problems above the foundation as well. Specifically, if your hot water heater shifts out of place causing pipes to disconnect. If that happens, you’ll know right away!


If your hot water heater goes out, you will literally “feel” it. However, you may not recognize some of the other issues right away. That’s why it’s important to monitor your water quality to tell if something’s wrong. If it tastes or smells funny, that could mean the water has been contaminated due to a cracked pipe. Other things to look for:

  • Cloudy water
  • Dirty-looking or brown water
  • Fine sediment or film in water
  • Metallic or other unusual taste
  • Sudden reduction in water pressure

In the event that a quake was big enough to compromise the city’s water supply, you could expect to see a boil water notice.


The Darville Company can help you with any potential issue that may arise concerning your plumbing! So the next time you feel a shake, look for the signs and let us know if you think any damage was done. Or maybe you just need to get a routine inspection of your entire plumbing system to make sure everything’s running as it should. We have the expertise and experience to repair or replace your water or sewer lines! You can make an appointment online, or call us today at (432) 580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard.

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