Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance

The Permian Basin was having a relatively mild winter until our recent freeze. As we’ve seen firsthand, freezing temps overnight can easily cause some major problems if you’re not prepared. A frozen heat pump will render it useless, and unable to heat your home. In this post, we’ll examine a few steps you or a professional can take to prevent this from happening (or happening again if it did this month).


To prevent your heat pump from freezing, you have to know what causes it to freeze – it’s more than just cold weather.

  • Low refrigerant: If your refrigerant level is low, it’s likely because it’s leaking. Low refrigerant disrupts the coils in the heat pump, which can cause them to freeze.
  • Fan motor: If the fan motor is old or damaged, this could contribute to the unit freezing. An easy way to prevent damage is by keeping the area clear of leaves and other debris. It’s also possible that the motor is just old and needs to be replaced.
  • Low airflow: A clogged filter restricts airflow, which can result in ice building up on the coils. This can lead to a frozen pump and all the issues that come with it.
  • Frozen over: Combine prolonged freezing weather with the factors above and your entire unit could freeze. This typically isn’t something that happens in West Texas, especially Odessa and Midland, but this winter has been unlike any other. If your entire unit freezes, it’s definitely time to call a professional.


The Darville Company has certified professionals to guarantee you stay warm and cozy all winter long! We offer complete heating and air services and can give you an honest assessment of your entire system. Make an appointment today by calling 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard.

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