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Everyone loves a sparkling clean home, and that’s especially true in your bathroom. Keeping the bathroom clean takes regular maintenance. One of the worst things for any homeowner is signs of mold. Mold can be prompted by excess moisture which can be triggered by a steamy shower or bath, spilled water on the counter, or even a toilet leak. In this post, we’ll offer four practical tips for preventing bathroom mold.


Most newer homes have vent fans in the bathroom, but many older homes don’t. These are important for removing odors and moisture that can allow mold spores to develop. Use the fan regularly. The fan should have the right power depending on the room – for example, a large master bathroom would need a different fan than a small half-bathroom.


Clean tile and grout in the bathroom regularly. Any moisture that seeps its way into the crevices can turn into bacteria which can then lead to mold. On top of keeping mold away, scrubbing the grout will keep your bathroom looking – and smelling – nicer!


Routine cleaning applies to the shower too. It may seem like an extra chore, but wiping down the walls of shower will make a big difference in the long run to eliminating moisture, and what it leaves behind.


The moisture from wet towels has an impact too. It can impact the moisture in the air, which can encourage mold and mildew growth. Using fresh towels every time you bathe will decrease your chances of bathroom mold and mildew. It can prevent your towels from becoming musty, as well.


At The Darville Company, we have experts that can help you with all your plumbing and HVAC needs. If you find mold and mildew forming in your bathroom, plumbing or HVAC solutions could be exactly what you’re looking for. Call us for service today at 432-580-9675. Darville is the Higher Standard.

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