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Just when you thought winter was over and warmer weather was here to stay, we’re back in a bit of a cold snap. Here in Odessa, it’s that time of year where we’ll have highs in the 80s one day and lows in the 30s the next. Even if you’ve already cranked up the AC for the first time this spring, it’s not too late to prepare before it really gets going this summer. In this post, we’ll offer some easy spring HVAC maintenance tips that you can perform at home to keep your HVAC running smoothly as we head into the summer months. We’ll also outline some ways we can help you stay comfortable in your home while saving money.


Twice a year you make a major change in how you use your HVAC. In the fall, you go from using your air conditioning to heating your home. Then in the spring, you switch back. These are GREAT times to get an expert to run general maintenance on your unit.


We emphasize this in almost every HVAC post because it’s important. A clogged filter will create dirty air, make your unit work harder, leave you less comfortable, and cost you more money. They are easy to buy and replace on your own.


Here’s a tip you may not have thought of. When the weather warms up, turn on the A/C before you really need it. This will help make sure everything’s in good working order before the West Texas temperatures really start to boil. If you notice there is a problem, you can get it fixed ASAP.


Most newer homes have digital thermostats, but most older homes don’t. A digital thermostat will help you precisely regulate the temperature and do it more efficiently at the same time. It’s also less likely that you’ll end up running the unit constantly, which is expensive and can burn out your system.


Following these few simple spring HVAC maintenance steps will help keep you cool all summer long. The Darville Company is here to help! Set up an appointment with us today by calling 432-580-9675. Darville is the Higher Standard.

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