“Roots” of the Problem

One of the most common natural problems that can happen with your exterior pipes is tree roots finding their way inside. Obviously any foreign object in your pipes will cause problems, but when roots sneak in, they not only block water or airflow, they can crack your pipes causing even more problems. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a few solutions to prevent and combat this.


If water is backing up in your basement or bathroom, this could be because of roots from a tree in your yard. The roots can start to grow inside the pipes and cause clogs that put major pressure on your sewer line.

Hiring a plumber from The Darville Company will make it possible to see what’s really going on in your pipes. We can run a camera down the line and inspect your sewer with a camera. This can assess the damage, and determine how to fix it. You can watch the video yourself to see just how serious it is.


There are products at your local home improvement store that particularly target roots. Flushing them down your drains will help you kill the roots and stop them from expanding. At the same time, they will be safe for your trees.


Another trick of the plumbing trade involves sewer cleaning tools that can cut roots straight from the pipe. If your pipes are clay, plastic, or cast iron, they can be cleaned with a mechanical sewer cleaner. Thinner wall pipes may be more difficult to clean.


Root-infected pipes can not only damage your pipes, but eventually concrete and foundation as well. The good news is that roots have a tougher time getting into modern plastic pipes. Need more help? Call the Darville Company today at 432-580-9675 to set an appointment. We are the Higher Standard.

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