WaterTech Pro Series

Here’s a story from a friend of The Darville Company:

“I remember when I first moved to Odessa years ago. I was all moved into my new apartment (they were a lot cheaper back then). After getting situated, I realized something was missing. My fridge didn’t have an ice maker. When I told the ladies in the office, they said, “Honey, you’re not from here, are you? You wouldn’t drink the water around here or make ice with it.”

Luckily The Darville Company has products that can help.


Hard water is a reality in West Texas. There’s not a ton you can do to prevent it from damaging your home. 

Scientifically speaking, water is H2O. But “hard” water is created when that H2O mixes with minerals on your way to coming out of your tap. About 85% of all U.S. homes are said to have hard water, though in some areas, it’s worse than others. The Permian Basin is one of those areas.


So if playing with the science of your water is the problem, then there must be a scientific solution, right? RIGHT! Welcome to the world of water treatment. That’s the process of purifying your water, by taking out many of the minerals that cause it to be hard.

WaterTech offers a variety of ways to combat hard water, with its line of water conditioners, softeners, and reverse osmosis products. Some, like the REIONATOR PRO and SOFTMAX PRO focus on filtering your water for use in showers and sinks. Others, like the RO PUREPRO, make your water better tasting and safe to drink. This is exactly what our friend needed when they moved to Odessa!


The Darville Company is proud to offer the full line of WaterTech Pro Series products for sale or rent. Give us a call and schedule a consultation with one of our experts to begin the move to better water. The Darville Company is the higher standard! Call 432-580-9675 for an appointment today!

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