Expert Water Leak Detection in Odessa

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Odessa Water Leak Detection Service

Unseen water leaks not only jack-up your water bills; they can wreak havoc in your home, causing structural damage and dangerous mold. While some leaks are obvious, others are difficult to detect, making the damage worse. Let’s look at why leaks go undetected and when you should call a water leak detection company for help.

Why Are Some Leaks Difficult to See?

The issue with certain leaks is they can go undetected for years, slowly destroying your property without your knowledge. Much of your plumbing is hidden or buried, so it’s easy for a leak to occur without you knowing. Furthermore, many leaks are silent and manifest only after they’ve caused significant property damage.

Signs of an Unseen Water Leak

As mentioned, many water leaks are difficult to spot. However, there are subtle signs to watch for.

Abnormally High Water Bills
If you see a sudden spike in your water bills for no apparent reason, you could have an unseen water leak. It’s common for pinholes to form in aging pipes and worsen over time, turning a small leak into a large one.

Stains on Your Ceiling
Yellow or brown stains on the ceiling could mean you have a leak in the attic. Small leaks drip, forming pools that leave unsightly stains when the water evaporates.

Low Water Pressure
Like a sudden change in your water bills, a sudden drop in water pressure throughout the house suggests a leak.

Increased Mold or Mildew
Have you noticed a musty odor that permeates your house? Do you see mold in the basement when it wasn’t there before? Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments, so if you notice musty odors or an increase in mold growth, look to an unseen plumbing leak as the culprit.

Water Sound
If you hear running or dripping water when you’re not using any, it could mean you have a leak under your foundation. Also, if you hear water gurgling up from the toilet or drain, it could signify a leak.

If you notice these signs or suspect you have a water leak, don’t wait; call the water leak detection experts at The Darville Company immediately.