Hvac Accessories

HVAC Accessories

Everyone knows Texas is hot, but as we’ve seen all too recently, it can get cold here too! The Darville Company is your source for all things heating and air to make sure you stay warm into the spring. You may not realize that an HVAC unit can include many accessories to help enhance your comfort and convenience. They can even help you breathe easier and save you money. Let’s explore a few of the HVAC add-ons that can make life easier!


Air purifiers go beyond regular filters and scientifically clean the air. As air passes through the purifier, ions attach themselves to dust, mold, pollen, and other contaminants. This process is able to make your air much cleaner than a traditional filter. It’s a great option for those with allergies and has been shown to eliminate up to 90% of airborne viruses as well.


The opposite of humidifiers, dehumidifiers make the air drier. It doesn’t seem like this would be necessary for West Texas, but keeping bathrooms dry can still be important after a long, steamy shower. Dehumidifiers not only reduce the risk of mold or mildew but also make it easier to vacuum dust or other contaminants from the air.


A programmable thermostat has a lot of advantages. You can set it to get warm or cool when you aren’t even home. Set it to your desired temperature so it’s comfy when you arrive. You can also save money by making sure your HVAC isn’t running when you’re not home. Many models these days even allow you to control it from an app on your smartphone, like the recently launched American Standard Home app!


All homes should have fire alarms, but do you have a carbon monoxide alarm as well? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can be deadly to breathe. CO alarms are especially important for homes that use gas, as a leak could turn fatal before you even know what’s happening. It’s also a good idea to have a CO alarm if you use your chimney or fireplace with any regularity.


UV lamps are another way to clean the air, along with filters and purifiers. A UV light works to sanitize the air by killing tiny organisms and eliminating up to 98% of germs. This can help keep your entire unit clean, from the inside of your home to your ducts and the HVAC system itself.


Ventilators are used if you want to allow some air to come into your house from outside. Many people try to keep their home sealed as tightly as possible, but there are advantages to letting fresh air from outside into your home. Ventilators help pull the fresh air in while pushing pollutants out.


Zoning systems help ensure the rooms in your home that are being used are the ones kept at the right temperature. If the third bedroom is hardly ever used, why pay to keep it warm or cool? When company is gathered in the living areas, make sure those rooms are the most comfortable. Zoning systems can work in conjunction with a programmable thermostat to promote comfort and efficiency.


Ductless air can serve a couple of purposes. It’s great if you want to hyper-zone your home, with heating or cooling units in every room. The other purpose is for specific rooms where the ducts might not reach. Like a garage, basement, or possibly a sunroom. These areas can stay comfortable thanks to a ductless system.


As you can see, there are LOTS of accessories when it comes to your HVAC! Darville can help you find the ones that work for you! Call us for an appointment today at 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard!

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance

The Permian Basin was having a relatively mild winter until our recent freeze. As we’ve seen firsthand, freezing temps overnight can easily cause some major problems if you’re not prepared. A frozen heat pump will render it useless, and unable to heat your home. In this post, we’ll examine a few steps you or a professional can take to prevent this from happening (or happening again if it did this month).


To prevent your heat pump from freezing, you have to know what causes it to freeze – it’s more than just cold weather.

  • Low refrigerant: If your refrigerant level is low, it’s likely because it’s leaking. Low refrigerant disrupts the coils in the heat pump, which can cause them to freeze.
  • Fan motor: If the fan motor is old or damaged, this could contribute to the unit freezing. An easy way to prevent damage is by keeping the area clear of leaves and other debris. It’s also possible that the motor is just old and needs to be replaced.
  • Low airflow: A clogged filter restricts airflow, which can result in ice building up on the coils. This can lead to a frozen pump and all the issues that come with it.
  • Frozen over: Combine prolonged freezing weather with the factors above and your entire unit could freeze. This typically isn’t something that happens in West Texas, especially Odessa and Midland, but this winter has been unlike any other. If your entire unit freezes, it’s definitely time to call a professional.


The Darville Company has certified professionals to guarantee you stay warm and cozy all winter long! We offer complete heating and air services and can give you an honest assessment of your entire system. Make an appointment today by calling 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard.

New fixtures installed in a residential bathroom

Time for New Fixtures

The Darville Company has what you need when it comes to plumbing. In addition to making your kitchen or bathroom more functional, we can make it look better too! Our licensed plumbers can assist in installing all-new fixtures that will make your space shine like new. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons you should consider an upgrade to your plumbing fixtures, and how they can make a huge difference for your home.


Did you know that leaks around your home can add up to nearly 10,000 gallons a year in wasted water!? Leaky faucets are just a part of this, and all those drips add up! In many cases, a drip is caused by none other than a worn-out faucet or fixture. Over time, the washers and gaskets will wear down and simply can’t be repaired. So replace them! 

A showerhead, for example, may stop dripping with a simple tightening. But rust or other signs of wear mean you’re better off replacing it.


A little rusty, or in some cases, a lot rusty. Even in West Texas, bathrooms can get humid after a long steamy shower. All that moisture can cause mold on the walls, or rust on your metal fixtures. Making use of bathroom fans, or thoroughly drying or cleaning after every bath or shower, will help but at some point rust is inevitable. The good news is that it’s very visual, so you can tell when it’s time to make a change. Getting rid of that rust will help make your home feel a lot cleaner!


We already discussed tightening fixtures to stop leaks, but what if the fixtures themselves just won’t tighten? Due to rust, or even just wear, they can be stripped and impossible to tighten. Something like duct tape may do the job temporarily, but it’s not exactly the long-term look that most homeowners are going for. Get the upgrade!


Maybe you don’t have any specific issues with your faucets or fixtures. Maybe you just want a nicer bathroom! Or maybe you’re preparing to sell your home and want to give the bathroom a facelift to get the most bang for your buck. Whatever the reason, The Darville Company can help. For everything from fixtures, to a tankless water heater, to a complete plumbing remodel – make an appointment today by calling 432-580-9675. The Darville Company is the Higher Standard.