air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Repair Made Easy

In an average US home, heating and cooling generally account for more than 50% of the energy used. With that much at stake, it’s important to have a good air conditioning repair service lined up, just in case anything goes wrong with the unit that’s providing you with not only comfort but vital heating and cooling services. Whether it’s in the long hot summer months, or the short dark winter days you want to make the best choice for your HVAC services and maintenance.

Before you do go the professional route, it’s never a bad idea to troubleshoot some minor HVAC maintenance yourself. For instance, be sure that the filter is clean, unclogged and has been replaced on a regular schedule. If you have central AC it’s also a good idea to check your thermostat to ensure it is set correctly, and take a peek outdoors and check to see if there is at least a few feet of space between any plants and the compressor. Basically, you don’t want the plants to block adequate air flow to the unit, which can cause it to malfunction.

It’s true that air conditioning repair can be costly and exhausting, but it’s well worth it once the summer has started and a break from the heat suddenly becomes a necessity. It’s also true that a lot of times the anticipation and dread of contacting a local HVAC contractor is worse than the experience of actually setting up an appointment for them to come do an onsite inspection and provide a quote. A good way around this feeling of dread is to set up an annual appointment to “checkup” on your HVAC system. This can often catch issues early and prevent last minute crises that lead to 100-degree houses! It’s also a good way to find an HVAC contractor you really trust, and build a good long-term relationship with them.

Air conditioning repair or water heater repair are never our favorite things to wrestle with, be it in the middle of summer vacation, or in the dead of a snowy winter. But with proper maintenance and a discerning eye toward a reliable HVAC contractor, a faulty air conditioning or water heater should never have to interfere with your summer days or chilly winter nights.