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FAQ: Common Water Heater Questions and Answers

If you’re like many homeowners, you tend not to think about your water heaters until there’s a problem. A cold shower, a long warm-up time, or a puddle of water in the basement might suddenly make you aware that your water heater needs some attention.

If you’re worried about your water heater, don’t fret. Water heater repair services can answer nearly any of your questions. To get you started, here are five common questions about water heaters, answered:

What Is the Best Temperature Setting for A Water Heater?

For most people, a comfortable setting is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturers use this number as a pre-setting for many new water heaters. For older models, setting the thermostat to medium should do the trick.

Why Do I Keep Running Out of Hot Water?

If your hot water keeps running out much faster than it used to, your home is likely in need of water heater repairs. Your water heater could have a broken dip tube, which should prevent cold and warm water from mixing in your tank. Another possible problem could be that the lower heating element in your electric water heater has failed. While some of these issues can be fixed with repairs, it may be necessary to plan for a new water heater installation in the near future.

Why Does My Water Heater Keep Leaking?

Water heaters can spring many different kinds of leaks. Though you might not think a leak is something to worry about, according to Plumbing Manufacturers International, 13.7% of all water use is the result of leaks. If you notice your water heater is losing water, take a closer look. Sometimes, the internal tank has a crack, or one of the pipe fittings has become loose. Try to see where the leak is coming from to better explain the issue to water heater repair services over the phone. While leaks with a definite source can often be patched or repaired, a widespread leaking problem could mean that your whole system needs replacement.

Why Does The Water Take So Long to Heat Up?

Slow wait times generally have to do with the plumbing in the home and are rarely cause for concern. Ranch-style houses tend to have longer pipelines, which means it takes longer for warm water to reach the faucet. You might need to call plumbing or sewer line repair services to alter your home’s water circulation system to remedy this issue.

How Can I Conserve Heated Water?

If you’d like to save money by cutting back your water heating usage, there are several steps you can take. Start by investing in low-flow shower heads. You can also schedule water heating maintenance to remove sediment buildup, which will help your water heater run more efficiently.

Water heaters, though useful, are prone to many little quirks and malfunctions. Do some research to ensure that your water heater is in good condition. If you have more questions about your water heater, or if you’re in need of any kind of heat repair in the Odessa-Midland region, contact us at Darville Air Conditioning and Plumbing today!

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