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Provide security of knowing your family is safe with the freedom of knowing YOU are in control.

Provide security of knowing your family is safe with the freedom of knowing YOU are in control.

o Connects with Nexia AZONE950 Thermostat control OR works with a NEXIA Bridge

o User Friendly
o Low monthly subscriber fee of $9.99
o Hundreds of accessories available
o Keyless door locks
o Indoor/Outdoor wireless cameras
o Window/Door Sensors
o Motion Detector
o Glass Breakage Sensor
o Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
o Garage Door Opener
o Light Dimmer
o Water and Freeze Alarm
o Doorbell Sensor
o Sprinkler System Control
o Amazon Echo
o Many more…



A story of a lost dog and our Nexia Home Automation system

Mark and I were going to enjoy a play at Midland Community Theatre recently with friends. Just as we arrived and Mark was opening the door for us to enter, he received a phone call. It was an alley neighbor letting us know she had found one of our beloved retired Greyhounds wandering the alley.
Our neighbor said, “She was very sweet and when I called to her, she ran right back into the house because your garage door is open.” Obviously we had left the garage door open and Misty had taken the opportunity to go exploring.
Thanks to our Nexia System, we did not have to miss the show. Mark was able to use his phone to close the garage door AND use a camera to look at a live shot of our Living Room to insure she was inside - safe and sound - on the couch.
You can have same convenience and security. This is a 100% owned and self-monitored system so No contract, No false alarms called to first responders and No one knows any of your business. Let me, Anne Darville, tell you about all that a Nexia Home Automation system from The Darville Company can do.

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